What Are Bubbul Gems Used For In Totk?

bubbul gem tears of the kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, the highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players encounter a plethora of new items and collectibles to enhance their gameplay experience.

One such addition is the Bubbul Gem, a rare and valuable resource that can be obtained by defeating Bubblfrogs in caves.

This article will explore the purpose of Bubbul Gems and how they can be used to acquire the unique Mystic armor set.

What Are Bubbul Gems In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Bubbul Gems are mysterious, shimmering stones obtained by defeating Bubblfrogs, a new type of enemy found in the caves of Tears of the Kingdom. These elusive amphibians are easily identified by their bulbous, bubble-like appearance and unique movement patterns.

bubbulfrog tears of the kingdom

Players who wish to collect Bubbul Gems must venture into the depths of the caves and engage these creatures in combat.

What Are Bubbul Gems Used For In Tears Of The Kingdom?

The primary use of Bubbul Gems is to exchange them for wacky and wonderful armor sets. These include masks, and the Mystic set, an exclusive collection of gear that boasts a unique trait.

Unlike other armor sets in the game, the Mystic armor set has the extraordinary ability to protect Link from damage by losing rupees instead of hearts when hit by an enemy.

This distinctive feature makes the Mystic armor set highly desirable for players who have amassed a significant amount of rupees and prefer to conserve their hearts during challenging battles.

mystic robe tears of the kingdom

The acquisition of the Mystic armor set requires a considerable number of Bubbul Gems, making it a valuable and sought-after reward.

If you collect all Bubbul Gems in the game, there is also a final reward that you may find to be worth it or not.

Where To Exchange Bubbul Gems In Tears Of The Kingdom

To exchange Bubbul Gems, players must first locate a specific vendor named Koltin in the game world. This vendor, known for trading rare and valuable items, can be found in a hidden location, adding an element of exploration and discovery to the game.

This intial place is Woodland Stables in Eldin, which can be found in the north east of the map. Go there and you will be able to find Bubbul Gem-hungry merchants as well as a little quest to go along with it. He will then move elsewhere, adding more dimensions to the overall hunt.

All in all, the Bubbul Gem is a valuable and intriguing addition to the Tears of the Kingdom gameplay experience. Obtained by defeating Bubblfrogs in caves, these rare gems can be exchanged for unique armor sets, which allow such things as Link to lose rupees instead of hearts when taking damage.

By collecting Bubbul Gems and strategically utilizing the Mystic armor set, players can enhance their combat abilities and increase their chances of success in the challenging world of Tears of the Kingdom.

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