Warhaven beta: How to sign up and dates

warhaven beta

The Warhaven beta is something that fans of a medieval game setting have been looking forward to since this new title was announced. Luckily for those people, playtests and betas are becoming more and more popular, opening up the ability to play new and exciting games ahead of their official launch.

Below, we’ll be discussing everything Warhaven beta, including how to sign up and dates so you can jump in, swing some swords, and get those satisfying kills as soon as possible.

Warhaven beta: How to sign up

warhaven beta dates

Signing up for any beta can be a confusing ask as they’ll usually require you to go to the developer’s website, jump through various hoops, add your personal details, so on and so forth. However, with the Warhaven beta, since it’s on Steam, is thankfully a much simpler process.

To sign up for the Warhaven beta, all you have to do is visit the Warhaven Steam page, scroll down and locate the ‘Warhaven Playtest’ section. Once there, hit the ‘Request Access’ button. Of course, you’ll need a Steam account for this but at this point, who doesn’t have one?

That’s all there is to it, you now have to just wait and see if the developers let you into the beta and you will be notified as soon as this is the case.

Warhaven beta dates

So now you know how to sign up for the Warhaven beta, how long does it last?

Well, the Warhaven beta started on October 11th but dont worry about missing the boat because this playtest will last for almost a month, ending on November 1st

Usually, betas of this ilk have a much shorter timeframe, between around three to seven days, so its refreshing to see such a long playtest, allowing you to really sink your teeth into this new take on a medieval game and truly learn all of its mechanics.

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