The Scavenger DMZ: Where To Find & How To Kill

the scavenger dmz

DMZ is back with a bang thanks to the Season 3 update that comes to not only this looting and extraction mode but also MW2 and Warzone 2. This new update brings a whole host of new changes to DMZ not only in terms of missions but also a variety of new mechanics that we haven’t seen before.

One new addition that’s certainly welcomed is the introduction of a new boss that Operators can take on. This boss acts like no other in DMZ, so offers up a unique challenge that will change match to match. This boss is called The Scavenger, and in this guide, we’ll be teaching you where to find The Scavenger as well as how to kill this tough enemy.

Where To Find The Scavenger DMZ

As just alluded to, The Scavenger is a very different boss compared to what you’ve already experienced in this mode. This is because it is a roaming boss that is no one place twice so due to there being no fixed location, it can be tough to find.

Luckily, there are some tips that we can give you to help you with The Scavenger’s location so you can get up close and personal as fast as possible.

The first tip for where to find The Scavenger is to complete a Secure Intel Contract. Finishing one of these will reveal the location of one boss on the map thus potentially giving you The Scavenger’s precise coordinates in an instant.

secure intel contract dmz

This is, however, a random chance, and instead, you may be provided with The Chemist instead for example. To increase your chances of getting The Scavenger’s location first try, we recommend jumping into Ashika Island as there is a smaller boss pool.

The second tip for finding The Scavenger is to roam around the map as fast as possible and keep an eye out for dead enemy Operators. This is because The Scavenger’s mechanics are all based around appearing when Operators have been killed. Once the boss has found any of these, it will leave a Calling Card on the body of said Operators in place of the Dog Tag, indicating you’re on the right path.

Once you’ve got a roundabout location of The Scavenger, you’ll receive a notification in-game to say that it is nearby. After getting this prompt, keep a lookout on the map as it will have a skull indicator as well as a red ring where The Scavenger will be within.

You’ll know when you’ve found this new Season 3 boss because it will be wearing a black ghillie suit and have Dog Tags around its neck, quite a distinct look in comparison to the other AI in the game.

How To Kill The Scavenger DMZ

After finding The Scavenger, you’ll now have to dispatch it. Thankfully, this is a pretty easy task as it’s essentially just a tougher AI enemy with no real tricky mechanics.

When encountering the boss you’ll instantly get smoked out so be wary and keep your distance slightly but don’t be afraid of spraying in there to get some damage in. The Scavenger will have a different loadout each time as it picks this up off dead Operators so it’s a coin toss on whether it will have a good or bad weapon. Regardless, if you’re in a squad, you’ll be able to overpower it with ease.

What you will need to look out for are The Scavenger’s lackeys. There will be around 4 or 5 strong AI combatants that accompany The Scavenger and can do some serious damage to you so we recommend getting rid of these before taking on the main enemy. However, The Scavenger will try to run away from you so keep an eye on any fleeing enemies and you may be able to potentially pick it off from afar.

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