The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards

zelda tears of the kingdom amiibo rewards

There’s no mistaking the hype around the latest iteration in The Legend of Zelda universe with Tears of the Kingdom setting itself up to be one of, if not the biggest game of the franchise.

As it’s a Nintendo game, there aren’t a bunch of in-game bonuses or rewards for pre-ordering or even with the Collector’s Edition. However, if you’re a fan of amiibos, you will be able to secure some goodies.

Below, we’ll cover all of the Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards so you can secure some extra in-game content for yourself.

How to get The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards

Before we get into the bonuses themselves, let’s do a quick run-through of how to get them.

To claim the rewards, you’re first going to need to own The Legend of Zelda amiibos. It isn’t the full collection, so keep that in mind, but we’ll be detailing which ones do what below anyway.

If you do own compatible amiibos however, all you’ll need to do is scan them in. To do so, simply pull up your new Sheikah Slate, and tap your amiibos on your device/controller.

This will provide you with all the bonuses in an instant. We’re not sure at this point if this is limited once per day akin to Breath of the Wild, but it would make sense if this was implemented again.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards

Now, the good stuff, what you get for owning and using The Legend of Zelda amiibos in Tears of the Kingdom.

Majora’s Mask Link amiibo bonus

If you’re a fan of the older Zelda games, Majora’s Mask in particular, you’ll get a themed paraglider fabric reward as well as weapons and materials. Here it is in all its glory:

tears of the kingdom majora's mask link amiibo paraglider reward

Loftwing & Zelda amiibo bonus

If you have the Loftwing & Zelda amiibo from  Skyward Sword, you’ll also pick up an in-game cosmetic along with weapons and materials. Here’s what it looks like:

tears of the kingdom loftwing zelda amiibo paraglider reward

Breath of the Wild Rider Link amiibo bonus

If you’re playing Tears of the Kingdom, you’ve likely run through Breath of the Wild also. Here is the reward for owning and using the Rider Link amiibo:

tears of the kingdom rider link amiibo paraglider reward

Tears of the Kingdom Link amiibo bonus

Last, but not least, there are new amiibos introduced with Tears of the Kingdom. Here is the bonus for picking up Link:

tears of the kingdom link amiibo paraglider reward

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