The Finals no damage bug: How to fix

the finals no damage bug fixes

The Finals is full of fast-paced gameplay, asking you to secure gold coins aplenty from various vaults around the map. However, as this is a first-person shooter also, you’ll obviously be coming up against other adversaries who are looking to secure the loot, doing everything they can to hinder your progression.

If you’ve found yourself shooting opponents and doing no damage though, you’re not alone. It appears that many are experiencing this no damage bug in The Finals, essentially causing you, and your team to lose the match.

So, can you fix this? We’ll run you through some potential checks and changes you can do to hopefully mitigate this no damage bug so you can get back to performing maximum destruction in your time in The Finals.

How to fix The Finals no damage bug

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If you are finding yourself in this dealing no damage situation either once, or on multiple occasions in The Finals, there are some potential fixes you can employ. These aren’t guaranteed, as sometimes it is a server-side issue, but they’re worth a try regardless.

Verify game files

The first potential fix you can try is verifying the game files on your PC. This is something that can be used to fix plenty of different issues both in The Finals and in a plethora of other titles, so always worth performing a quick verification to see if it helps.

To do this, you’ll need to first open The Finals’ game within the Steam launcher. Once you do so, right-click on it and go into the Properties option. Move to the Local files tab and then hit the  Verify integrity of game files. This will then go through the verification process and once complete, do a game restart and launch again.

Enter Practice mode

One method that is seeing a lot of success in fixing the The Finals no damage issue is to head into Practice mode. This will allow you to fight against bots, and hopefully allow you to do damage.

If you are able to inflict damage on said bots, this will likely fix the issue in the main game, so head into a normal match and see if it has been rectified.

If you’re not sure how to get into Practice mode, simply press the Play button and then select Practice rather than the way you’d go into a normal online match.

Do a fresh install

If you’ve tried both of the above fixes, it might be time for the final straw – performing a fresh install of The Finals. This will provide a completely new canvas for the game and hopefully remove any of the no damage issues that you’re facing as well as any other potential bugs that you might have been coming across.

Now, if not even a fresh install has fixed the problem, as we mentioned earlier, this could be due to a server-side issue completely out of your control. What we recommend here is to simply wait a bit of time for the server to stabilize and the player count to die down a little and hopefully it all comes good for you.

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