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The next The Finals Beta has arrived, allowing you to get involved in the frantic and frenetic action of this next-gen FPS. If you’ve dove in, you’ll likely know that this is a PC-only Beta which is a little disheartening for you console enthusiasts.

Because of this, many are wondering if you can hook up a controller and play The Finals on their PC rig and emulate that of what they would experience on a console.

Below, we’ll run you through The Finals controller support situation so if you did get into this new closed Beta, you’ll be fully aware as to if you can plug that pad in.

Does The Finals have controller support?

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So, does The Finals have controller support? And if so, how does it work?

To put it simply, yes, The Finals does have controller support. But, at this time, it is in a limited capacity. This is called Partial Controller Support on Steam and does unfortunately hinder your experience if you choose to opt for this method of input. 

This is because you are able to use a controller for movement etc. in the game itself, but for everything else such as in menus. So, you’ll have to get the mouse and keyboard out for those, pulling you out of the intense nature of a shooter of this ilk.

With this being said, we do expect that if The Finals does enter an open Beta phase or simply a full release, it will have full controller support on Steam. This is due to the fact that even though it is only in a PC-only phase at the moment, it will release on console thus making this full PC controller support a pretty simple process for Embark Games.

Whether you want to opt for controller right now against a pool of mouse and keyboard players is a whole different story. It’s slightly unoptimized and unless you’re a controller god, you may find yourself in a bit of hot water. When it enters the 1.0 phase, this will probably be a bit different but that’s a ways off yet.

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