The Bombmaker DMZ Ashika Island: Everything we know

the bombmaker dmz

Season 2 of MW2 has brought with it some nice little additions to not only the main game but also in other of the franchise’s modes Warzone 2 and DMZ. Looking at DMZ specifically, while many we’re a little confused as to why progress was being wiped, thankfully, with the new map Ashika Island, and the new Crown Faction, the amount of content is outweighing the negatives.

Speaking of new content, you’ll be seeing all-new faces on the Ashika Island DMZ map. One of these comes in the form of The Bombmaker and this guide will run you through everything we know about The Bombmaker in DMZ so you are prepared as possible to face him when the time arrives.

Who is The Bombmaker in DMZ Ashika Island?

The Bombmaker is the brand new boss that has been introduced with the Ashika Island map for DMZ. This boss appears to be part of Shadow Company, a familiar opposition group that you’ve likely encountered if you’ve been playing DMZ up until now.

From the name, we can likely infer that the enemy is an explosions specialist of some kind and will be potentially using equipment such as grenades, C4, and even trip mines akin to those that you run into when attacking Strongholds.

Where to find The Bombmaker in DMZ Ashika Island

This new boss is isolated to the Ashika Island map and you will not be able to encounter it on either Al Mazrah or Building 21. This is to be expected, following the same trend as previous bosses, but nice to get confirmation regardless.

As we’re sure you’re aware, there is a new Weapons Case in this map, and it is tied to The Bombmaker’s presence. Again, this follows a trend because both Building 21 and Al Mazrah required you to take bosses down to even have a chance of securing a Weapons Case.

the bombmaker ashika island dmz

This time, the Weapons Case is heavily guarded by not only The Bombmaker but also a plethora of other AI and a whole host of tripwires, barbed wire, and other booby traps to hinder you from advancing to his location.

Speaking of location, The Bombmaker, contrary to that of other bosses, will always be in the same place. This it the top floor of Tsuki Castle, and is likely because his whole mechanics are around the aforementioned traps.

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