Sons of the Forest Stun Baton location & how to get

stun baton sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest is an intense survival experience asking you to basically do whatever you can to make it in the island’s harsh conditions.

While you’ll probably be chopping down trees, making fires for cooking, and hunting Fish for your basic necessities, there is some equipment that can be found lying around if you know where to look.

The Sons of the Forest Stun Baton is one of these and below, we’ll provide all you need to know for its location so you can equip yourself with an enemy deterrent in no time.

Where to find Sons of the Forest Stun Baton

If you’re looking to get the Stun Baton in Sons of the Forest for yourself, allowing you to do some serious work against any enemies that may come across your path, thankfully, it’s a pretty simple task.

It will be located close to your initial crash site no matter where you spawn, likely one of the closest POIs you can see on your GPS device.

However, since the game provides you a limited look at the map, you can get lost very easily. So, to help you, here’s a close look at exactly where to find the Stun Baton.

sons of the forest stun baton location

Once you’ve reached this destination, or thereabouts, you should be able to see a small waterfall no matter what direction you’ve come from.

From the waterfall, look at the base of it and you should be able to notice a skull rooted on a pike. Also on this should be the Stun Baton, ripe for the picking.

where to find stun baton sons of the forest

Use your interact key to pick the Stun Baton up. This will be E on keyboard or A on controller.

You’ll now be able to equip it and use its might against any incoming threats, hopefully tasing them in the process to make things a little quicker. It’s certainly better than a messy old stick anyway!

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