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Ever since Sons of the Forest was announced, the sequel to the widely praised The Forest, many have been wondering what kind of changes Endpoint Games could come up with to make the experience feel fresh once again.

While there have been a bunch of new additions challenging your survivor in this sequel, it’s the Seasons that have got players worried for their safety as we all know harsh conditions mean less potential food.

Below, we’ll run you through exactly what Seasons do in Sons of the Forest so you’re fully aware of what kind of impact any potential weather changes might have on your stay.

What do seasons affect in Sons of the Forest?

As the Seasons in Sons of the Forest change, the climate follows suit. The spring and summer months are the ideal time to explore, as the weather is pleasant and resources are plentiful. But when winter rolls around, the landscape changes dramatically.

Food sources become scarce, and the inhuman creatures become hungrier thus meaning you’ll be the prime target for a bit of cannibalism.

how do seasons work sons of the forest

What clothing you wear matters too, as it determines how much you can explore during this time since the climate itself has direct effects on your character. Enemies will also attempt to up their clothing game too, so don’t think you’ll be the only one wrapping up in those winter months or bearing all when the sun is shining down.

It’s essential to plan ahead in the earlier months so that you can make it through the winter. For example, if there are streams with plenty of Fish roaming around, they may freeze over during the cold weather, so you’ll need to catch them before that happens and start food stores. 

Moreover, as we’ve just stated, a lot of the water will freeze over so keeping a stash of fresh drinking water is key or you’ll likely succumb to dehydration.

While there are ration packets and dry food that will survive the test of time, this may not be enough for the duration so it’s always good to be safe than sorry.

All in all, the Sons of the Forest Seasons do have a serious impact on both gameplay and your potential gathering progression so we certainly recommend utilizing the hotter times to hoard what you can and use the colder months to almost hibernate, similar to that of wild animals.

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