How to get Fish in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest fish

If you want to survive in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to gather whatever resources you can find. This involves hunting animals in order to get that all-important fuel in your body, avoiding any potential starvation.

Fish are an important part of this so knowing how to catch some is absolutely key. Below, we’ll run you through all the steps for catching Fish so you can become a master fisherman in no time.

How to catch Fish Sons of the Forest

So, if you’re looking to net yourself some Fish in Sons Of The Forest, it is actually pretty easy to do so.

What you’re going to need to focus on first is to head to a water source. Streams work best for catching Fish as it provides you with a small area to hone your vision on and there will be plenty to pick up regardless.

Once there, you should be able to see various Fish in the water, happily swimming away. To catch these, contrary to how you would probably do it in real life, is not to use a fishing rod. Instead, you can simply hack them down with your weapons as you see them.

fishing sons of the forest

While you can do this with the starting axe, the best way in which you can catch Fish is through using a spear. This is easily crafted using sticks, a knife, and some tape which you should be able to acquire pretty quickly.

If you are opting for the spear method you want to press the attack button, not hold. This will keep the spear in your hand and skewer the Fish rather than throwing and potentially missing.

Once you have killed the Fish, you’ll want to pick them up. Again, you’re going to need to tap the pick up button rather than hold as holding will eat it raw. You can now go ahead and cook the Fish for maximum yumminess.

Additionally, if you have the materials to do so, you can craft a Fish Trap to take a little of the hard work out for you.

Alternatively, if you’ve kept Kelvin alive, you can send him on a mission to gather some Fish for you, removing all the hassle. But, this will prevent him from performing your other tasks at this time so keep that in mind.

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