Scarecrow Sons of the Forest: How to craft & what it does

scarecrow sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest throws you into the wilderness with little to no help. It’s all about scavenging for various materials, food, and water, in hopes that you’ll even survive your first night.

While you do have Kelvin to help you out on your journey, you’ll have to come up with cunning ways to fend off any incoming attackers.

One thing specifically that you’re able to craft in Sons of the Forest is the Scarecrow, offering survival benefits, specifically in combat.

Below, we’ll be detailing how to make the Scarecrow as well as what it does so you know exactly how to utilize this bit of gear.

How to craft the Scarecrow in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest crafting

As previously stated, the Scarecrow in Sons of the Forest is something that you can craft if you have the required materials to do so.

If you pull up your survival guide, under the utility tab there will be the recipe for the Scarecrow. This will require you to own 14 Sticks and 4 lots of Wire so if you don’t have those on hand, get collecting.

After this, simply open your crafting menu and combine them to create the Scarecrow.

What does the Scarecrow do in Sons of the Forest?

So if you’ve gathered all of the materials needed to make the Sons of the Forest Scarecrow, what does it actually do in the game?

Well, if you place it down, it will almost act like a buffer between you and your enemies. This is because they will be more attracted to the Scarecrow instead of yourself, attacking it, and allowing you to have a little bit of time to heal up.

This is perfect for those situations where you are becoming a little overrun by Cannibals, creating a decoy that they will focus on rather than you and your companions.

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