Retro Runway Fridge Key location DMZ

Retro Runway Fridge Key Location DMZ

If you’ve dropped into DMZ and done some exploring, you’ve likely picked up some Keys. These Keys unlock some ‘secret’ areas and locked boxes that hopefully hold some hard to find loot. However, it can be awkward to actually locate where you need to use said Keys.

One Key that many have been struggling to find where to actually use it is the DMZ Retro Runway Fridge Key as it’s not made abundantly clear whereabouts on the map the Fridge is. Below, we’ll run you through the DMZ Retro Runway Fridge Key location so that you can open it up and gobble up what’s inside.

Retro Runway Fridge Key location DMZ

You might not have put two and two together with this Key but with the ‘Runway’ in its name, you’re going to have to head to the Airport for the Retro Runway Fridge Key location. However, where you need to go isn’t in the Airport itself, it’s actually at the most far Eastern point of the area.

Retro Runway Fridge Key DMZ

What you’ll need to do is go eastward on the Airport runway until you reach what looks like a small crater in the ground where an explosion may have gone off. Check the image below for the exact spot on the map you need to go to. Once there, you should be able to see a random fridge laying in the ground. Head to the fridge and use your Retro Runway Fridge Key to unlock it for some sweet loot!

Where to find Retro Runway Fridge Key Location DMZ

And there you have it, a pretty simple Key location once you know where. The fact that it is a Fridge literally out in the open Runway of Al Mazrah is certainly something that has thrown quite a few players off as you really wouldn’t expect a kitchen appliance to be out in the open like that!

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