How to reset Pokémon X and Y

how to reset pokemon x y

Pokémon X and Y, released in 2013, are the first installments of the sixth generation of Pokémon games. These titles introduced new gameplay elements, Mega Evolutions, and the Fairy-type Pokémon to the franchise, some nice new additions to the formula that many have enjoyed.

However, like with any Pokémon game, there may come a time when players wish to start their adventure from the beginning. This article will guide you through the process for how to reset Pokémon X and Y, allowing you to embark on a fresh journey in the Kalos region.

How to reset Pokémon X and Y

reset pokemon x y

Before we get into the steps for resetting your game, it’s essential to consider whether you want to save any of your current Pokémon or data. If you’d like to keep some of your Pokémon, you can transfer them to Pokémon Bank, an online cloud storage service for Pokémon games. This service requires a subscription but allows you to store up to 3,000 Pokémon and transfer them between compatible games.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s run through what you need to do to reset Pokémon X and Y.

Launch Pokémon X or Y

To begin the resetting process, turn on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system and launch your Pokémon X or Y game. Make sure you’re on the main menu screen, displaying options like “Continue,” “Mystery Gift,” and “Live Competition.”

Access the reset option

On the main menu screen, press and hold the following buttons simultaneously: Up on the D-Pad, B, and X. This combination will prompt a message asking if you want to delete all saved data and return the game to its original state.

Confirm Pokemon X and Y reset

If you’re sure you want to reset the game, select “Yes” when prompted. Remember that this action is irreversible and will permanently delete all of your saved data, including your trainer progress, Pokémon, items, and any other in-game accomplishments. If you have any doubts, you can select “No” to cancel the process and return to the main menu.

Begin your new adventure

After confirming the reset, the game will delete all of your saved data and return to the title screen. From here, you can start a new game and begin your fresh journey in the Kalos region. You’ll be prompted to enter your trainer’s name, customize their appearance, and select your starter Pokémon as you embark on a new quest to become the Pokémon Champion.

How to soft reset Pokemon X and Y

If you want to simply grind for shiny Pokemon, soft resetting your Pokemon X and Y game is an ideal way of quickly getting back to that start menu without having to completely reboot your device.

The method is different to a hard reset as you would expect so here’s how to get it done:

  1. Save your game
    Be currently playing Pokemon X or Y and save your game
  2. Press L, R, and START
    At the point you want to do a soft reset, press the L, R, and START buttons
  3. Load your save file
    You will now be at the main menu where you can load up your save game

Hard resetting your Pokémon X or Y game allows you to start from scratch and experience the thrill of a new adventure in the Kalos region. By following the steps outlined above, you can safely reset your game and embark on a fresh journey.

Whether you’re trying new strategies, setting personal challenges, or simply looking to relive the excitement of your first playthrough, a reset offers endless possibilities for a memorable and enjoyable Pokémon experience.

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