How to reset Pokemon X and Y

How to reset Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon games only let you have one save file which means either once you complete the game or just fancy restarting to choose a different starter Pokemon, you’re going to need to know how to reset it to start your adventure over again. This, of course, is true for Pokemon X and Y. You’ll need to know how to reset Pokemon X and Y if you want to have a do-over and if you’ve read our article on how to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon, the method of doing so is basically the same.

If you’re on the hunt for shiny Pokemon and don’t want to keep turning your Nintendo 3DS console on and off to get back to the home screen, you can use a soft reset method. We’ll also be detailing how to soft reset Pokemon X and Y further down.

How to reset Pokemon X and Y

You’ve made the decision to either start over your Pokemon X or Y save game due to completing everything you want to accomplish or simply just want to try out a new starter. The process for this is extremely easy and can be done in almost an instant. Follow the below steps for resetting your Pokemon X and Y game and you’ll soon be off on a new adventure.

  1. Load up Pokemon X or Y

    Turn on your Nintendo 3DS and load Pokemon X or Y

  2. Press X, B, Up

    Once at the game's menu screen, press the following: X, B, and Up on the D-pad which will bring up the option to delete your save file

  3. Confirm your reset

    Click yes and you will have reset your copy Pokemon X or Y

If you want to reset Pokemon X and Y again, just repeat this process and you can have endless adventures in the Kalos region. As stated earlier, resetting other 3DS Pokemon games usually follow the same process so if you’re playing other versions like Pokemon Sun and Moon, this method should still work.

How to soft reset Pokemon X and Y

So, as previously mentioned, soft resetting your Pokemon X and Y game is an ideal way of quickly getting back to that start menu without having to completely reboot your device. Here’s how:

  1. Save your game
    Be currently playing Pokemon X or Y and save your game
  2. Press L, R, and START
    At the point you want to do a soft reset, press the L, R, and START buttons
  3. Load your save file
    You will now be at the main menu where you can load up your save game

We hope this guide on how to reset Pokemon X and Y was simple and easy to follow. Now go out and explore the Kalos region once again!

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