How to get hidden ability Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to get hidden ability Pokemon - Pokemon Sword and Shield

There has been a bunch of abilities introduced to various Pokemon games over the years with Hidden Abilities being the most mysterious. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Hidden Abilities are back and you can get Pokemon with a variety of Hidden Abilities via a few different ways.

What are Hidden Abilities?

Hidden Abilities are ‘secret’ abilities that some Pokemon possess such as Solar Power, boosting the Sp. Atk stat in sunny weather, but HP decreases every turn, or Stench, releasing a stench when attacking causing your opponent to potentially flinch. Not all of these hidden abilities are great but some could be the enhancement you’re looking for to get the edge in the heat of battle, so acquiring Pokemon who have hidden abilities is always desirable.

How to get hidden ability Pokemon

How to get hidden ability Pokemon through Max Raid Battles

With the introduction of Max Raid Battles to Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can get your hands on some pretty special Pokemon which also come with Hidden Abilities. You’ll need to get yourself into a four or five star Max Raid Battle and defeat the Pokemon and you could be in with a shot of getting a Pokemon with the Hidden Ability you want. However, the Hidden Ability pool is limited in Max Raid Battles and you might be wasting time trying to secure your desired choice, so ensure the Hidden Ability you’re looking for is available via this method.

How to get hidden ability Pokemon via Pokemon Home

With the Pokemon Home app releasing not so long ago, it came with some handy Pokemon transferring tools that you can utilize for Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can identify the Pokemon you’re looking to get Hidden Abilities on and transfer these to your Pokemon Sword and Shield game pretty much instantly.

How to get hidden ability Pokemon by Trading

WIth Hidden Abilities having a 60% chance of being passed down via breeding, there’s a good chance that someone out there in the Galar region will have your desired Pokemon that has the Hidden Ability you want and you can get said Pokemon via trading.

You might have friends playing Pokemon Sword and Shield that you can trade with but if not, we’d recommend searching on Reddit, Discord, or other Pokemon-related forums to find other players willing to trade.

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