How to change uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to change uniform - Pokemon Sword and Shield

In today’s world of gaming customization, changing your Pokemon character’s clothes to match your desired style can be done with ease. However, what some of you don’t know is actually how to change your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In this guide, we’re going to look at how to change uniform as well as how to actually get different uniforms in Sword and Shield, allowing you to switch up your look ready for your next adventure. Unfortunately, even though you can switch up your uniform, this won’t display while in a Gym Challenge and sadly you’re stuck with the traditional white variant.

How to get new uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, before you can change uniforms, you’re going to need to acquire some additional clothing to actually do so. It’s pretty simple to get some new uniforms but if you don’t know how, here’s the steps you need to follow.

  1. Got to the Motostoke Stadium
    Reach Motostoke and head over to the Motostoke Stadium
  2. Choose your number
    Pick your desired number that you’d like to be displayed on the back

You’ve just set yourself up with a uniform for your adventures in Galar!

Now, if you want to acquire a different look, you can purchase different variants once you’ve completed Gym Challenges. These come in different colors to match that of the type of Gym Challenge you just completed and cost 18,000 big ones.

How to change uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once you’ve acquired some uniforms, you’ll now want to wear them. Again, like acquiring new uniforms, it’s pretty simple to swap them out but it’s not 100% clear on how to. Here’s the steps for changing your character’s uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  1. Locate a Galar clothing shop

    Find a clothing shop

  2. Find a changing room

    Enter the changing room

  3. View all of your acquired uniforms

    Go to the far right option which will display all of your acquired Uniforms

  4. Put on a new outfit

    Choose your desired Uniform

Again as mentioned earlier, these uniforms are displayed while roaming around in the normal game but will revert back to the standard white variant when actually in a Gym Challenge which is a little unfortunate and something hopefully Game Freak changes in the future.

We hope we’ve covered the basis for changing your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield and if you have any other struggles, the guides below could help you out!

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