NFS Unbound voice actors: Full cast

nfs unbound voice actors

Racing games aren’t exactly known for their compelling story arcs but it has always felt like the Need For Speed franchise has tried to incorporate such elements into its games to raise those stakes a little and ignite some sense of rivalry between yourself and the racers in your path.

With Need For Speed Unbound, this is similarly the case, almost taking you back to the Most Wanted days with a real storyline to follow and characters to interact with. As with any game that includes a cast, you’re going to need people to voice them, and NFS Unbound is no different. Below, we’ll be running you through the NFS Unbound voice actors so you can get a sense of the full cast in the game. And hey, who knows, you might see some familiar famous faces in there…

NFS Unbound voice actors: Full cast

Here are all of the Need For Speed Unbound voice actors:

  • A$AP Rocky – A$AP Rocky
  • Ashleigh Lathrop – Yaz
  • Dwayne Barnes – Rydell
  • Elizabeth Grullon – Player
  • Ian Nelson – Player
  • Jennifer Sun Bell – Tess

As you can see from the list above, it is a little on the short side with a total of six NFS Unbound voice actors. Two of these are for the Player also so for actual characters you interact with yourself, you’re looking at only four.

The most notable name, and the one that has been on the marketing for the game, is A$AP Rocky, who is known mostly for his music. The other five NFS Unbound voice actors you may have heard from their other gaming roles.

And there you have it, all of the NFS Unbound voice actors in a nice neat list for you. If you’re also interested in knowing how long NFS Unbound takes to beat, or want to get some extra cash with an infinite money glitch, check out our guides on those also!

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