NFS Unbound infinite money glitch: How to get unlimited money

nfs unbound money glitch

If you’re either a new NFS Unbound player or one that racked up a bunch of hours in the game, it’s always a nice feeling to have more money in the bank to spend as you wish. Getting money in NFS Unbound though can take time and if you want to tune your car to the max and get that all-important customization, you’re going to need a lot of cash to do so.

As with many things in life, there is in fact a shortcut to get money fast in NFS Unbound. Below, we’ll talk you through an NFS Unbound infinite money glitch so that you can essentially get unlimited money to spend as you wish.

Let’s get into the steps.

NFS Unbound infinite money glitch: How to get unlimited money

So, as previously stated, you can perform an NFS Unbound infinite money glitch to achieve as much money as you want. This is pretty simple to do also so no matter if you’re a Need For Speed veteran or brand new player, you should be able to accomplish it.

The first step in this NFS Unbound infinite money glitch is to get a heat level of five. To elevate your heat level you’re going to need to do a bunch of races in the same day so do as many as it takes to increase that heat level to the max. While this increases the risk of you losing more than you’d ideally want, there is a reason for this.

After you have a five heat level, you’re going to want to head over to the northeast section of the map as this is where the NFS Unbound infinite money glitch occurs. For the precise location, see the image below.

need for speed unbound infinite money glitch

Once you’re at the spot, drive behind the pillars that hold up the road above and wait there. The cops will not be able to locate you at all so don’t worry, it’s safe. Once you’ve ‘escaped’ simply drive back out, get spotted by a cop, and go back behind the pillars. Repeat this method for however long as you like to essentially get unlimited money in NFS Unbound.

nfs unbound unlimited money spot

Each time you do perform this NFS Unbound infinite money glitch, you will receive $2,500 so you’ll quickly be able to rack up the cash for spending as you wish.

And there you have it, everything you need to know for how to get money fast in Need For Speed Unbound. We hope that this doesn’t get patched but if it does, we’ll hopefully find another workaround!

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