How to get MW2 Triage Roze skin

triage roze skin mw2

If you want to get some extra MW2 skins at no extra cost, so you can equip them not only in multiplayer but Warzone and DMZ also, there are ways in which you can unlock free ones by simply playing the game.

For example, you’ve got Biohazard Konig, Defuse Zimo, and Relentless Roze, which can all be acquired without spending a penny. The skin we’ll be focusing on in this guide though is the Triage Roze skin, another of the Operator’s looks.

Below, we’ll run you through exactly how to unlock the MW2 Triage Roze skin for yourself so you can get another outfit in the closet for use across this year’s catalogue.

How to get Triage Roze skin in MW2

how to get triage roze skin mw2

If you want to get your hands on another Roze skin to add to the collection, you’re going to have to put some work in, and we’re not walking in MW2 itself. Instead, if you want the Triage skin, you’re going to have to play the looting and extraction mode DMZ, and a lot of it.

This is because the Triage Roze skin is tied to a Mission completion, and one that isn’t unlocked straight away. The Mission we’re talking about here is Espionage, and to access this Mission, you will have had to have unlocked not only Black Mous Missions, but also Tier 2 of this category.

Once you do so, you’ll then have to finish the Mission itself which is no mean feat. This Mission has three objectives to complete: 

  • Enter the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House and loot the target’s laptop
  • Deliver the laptop to the dumpster dead drop near the train tracks, north-east of the Al Sammam Cemetery
  • Plant the hacked laptop back in the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House where it was taken from

We have an Espionage Mission guide that you can take a look at if you’re having a bit of trouble.

Once you’ve wrapped up Espionage, when you end your current DMZ match, you’ll have the Triage skin ready to use when you want to.

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