MW2 Klaus skin: How to get

how to get klaus mw2

If you’ve played any game in recent years, you’ve likely equipped a cosmetic or two to your characters, whether that be in a single-player or multiplayer setting. These allow you to add a little bit of flair in-game or show off to your friends how much money you can drop on a single game.

Call of Duty is infamous for these skins and with it being Christmas time, Infinity Ward is bringing presents early with a Santa Claus-themed skin for 2022. This is the Klaus skin and below, we’ll be detailing just how to get it.

MW2 Klaus skin: How to get

klaus skin mw2

The Klaus skin offers up the chance for you to dunk on the Christmas noobs while looking like a war-torn Santa, delivering all kinds of gifts such as Cluster Mines, Frag Grenades, and Precision Airstrikes. However, if you are feeling the Christmas spirit and want to get the Klaus skin in MW2, you’re unfortunately going to have to give up some hard-earned cash.

Yes, that’s right, if you want to rock up as Klaus Fisker in Al Mazrah on your Warzone 2 or DMZ escapades, you’ll need to purchase the bundle from the store. There is no other way you are able to get the Klaus Operator skins otherwise at this moment in time.

It would be nice to see the Klaus skin as a possible reward for completing a certain DMZ MIssion or achieving something brilliant in Warzone 2, but it isn’t looking like Infinity Ward is going to reward us for being nice this year. 

If the Klaus skin is able to be unlocked via another method later down the line, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

Season One Reloaded has also brought a couple more surprises with it – all-new mode Raids unlockable with Raid Assignments, a familiar face in the Gaz Operator, and a throwback to All Ghillied Up with the Grass Ops skin. Read our guides on all of those for more info!

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