How to get MW2 Grunt Work Rangers skin

mw2 grunt work rangers skin

Skins in any game are incredibly important to show off to your squad that you are in fact the most fashionable gamer around, and this is no different in MW2. Unfortunately, to get your hands on the majority of both Operator and gun skins you’ll have to cough up the cash, annoying if you’re bank account is looking bleak.

However, there are also some pretty fancy Operator skins you can pick up for use in MW2, DMZ, or Warzone 2 absolutely free of charge. The Grunt Work skin for the Rangers Operator is one of these and below, we’ll teach you exactly how to unlock it for yourself.

How to unlock Grunt Work Rangers skin MW2

how to get grunt work skin mw2

So, if you want to get your hands on the Grunt Work skin for the Ranger Operator, you’re going to have to quit out of the main MW2 game and head into DMZ, the side loot and extraction mode.

This is because this skin, akin to the likes of Sleet and Foxtrot, can only be acquired by completing a certain Mission within the mode.

The Mission in question is called The Transporter, and you’re going to have to put a whole bunch of work in to even unlock it since it lies within Tier 3 of the Legion Faction.

This means that you’ll have to first finish both Tier 1 and 2 of this Faction’s subset as well as other Missions within Tier 3 since The Transporter is the last one in your path before Tier 4.

Now, for how to complete The Transporter, there are three objectives:

  • Pickup the Charge in the Closed Tunnel Near Zaya Observatory
  • Transport and Drop the Charge Near the Supply Site at the U.S. Embassy in Al Mazrah
  • Wait for the Charge to Detonate Near the Supply Site
the transporter dmz mission

As you would expect due to its name, this is an item collection and drop-off Mission, making you traverse Al Mazrah for a detonation charge. It’s not too difficult on the whole with the most difficult part being trying to avoid enemy squads.

Once you complete The Transporter and exfil, the Grunt Work skin will be waiting for you to equip.

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