How to get MW2 Foxtrot Reyes skin

how to get foxtrot reyes skin mw2

With the introduction of Season 2 of MW2, and subsequently DMZ, there are a plethora of new things to tackle in the game mode. From Missions such as Piracy and Break Check to new items like Legion Deal Intel and Shadow Company USB.

Thankfully, new skins have also been introduced alongside these with similar ways of acquiring them. The Foxtrot Reyes skin for MW2 is one of these, and you’ll have to play DMZ to get it.

Below, we’ll detail exactly what you need to do so you can add another Operator outfit to your collection.

How to get Foxtrot Reyes skin MW2

foxtrot reyes skin mw2

So, if you want to get this fresh new look for Reyes, allowing you to use it in not only MW2 but also DMZ and Warzone 2, you are going to need to put the work in.

This is because it is hidden behind one of DMZ’s Missions in order to unlock it. In fact, it’s tied to a Crown Faction Mission, the new Faction, and its set of Missions that have been added with this Season.

The Mission in question is called Exfil Tracking, and unfortunately, this sits within the Tier 3 subset of Crown Faction, meaning you’re going to have to complete both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Missions to even have the chance of completing Exfil Tracking.

If you are willing, or have it unlocked already, this must be music to your ears, and all you need to do is cross off its objectives.

Speaking of objectives, let’s just run you through the set for Exfil Tracking so you can gauge whether you think it’s worth your time.

There are three tasks in Exfil Tracking:

  • Take and Extract the 4 Tracking Devices from the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop
  • Plant a Tracker on 3 Enemy Exfil Choppers in 1 Deployment
  • Plant a Tracker on the Final Exfil Chopper in the Same Deployment
exfil tracking foxtrot reyes skin

Overall, these objectives are pretty tough, simply due to the fact that they need to be done in one match. If it were over multiple, it would be far more appealing.

What do you think? Are you going to look to pick up the Foxtrot Reyes skin or simply pass due to the Mission difficulty?

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