How to get MW2 Blood Soaked Konig skin

how to get blood soaked konig skin mw2

While most associate new in-game skins with having to purchase them with real cash, thankfully in MW2, there are in fact some Operator skins that you can unlock completely free of charge. These include the likes of Relentless, Biohazard, and Defuse for each of their designated soldiers.

The one we’ll be focusing on here though is Blood Soaked, another skin for Konig, a fan-favorite in this MW2 iteration. Below, we’ll be teaching you exactly how to get this skin so you can get it equipped for yourself and show off to both friends and enemies that you’ve put a respectable number of hours in the game.

How to get Blood Soaked Konig skin MW2

mw2 blood soaked konig skin

If you want to get your hands on the Blood Soaked Konig skin for use in MW2, Warzone 2, or DMZ, you’re going to have to play the latter to do so. That’s because to unlock this Operator outfit, you have to complete a certain DMZ Mission, buried deep within the mode’s Factions.

In fact, you’re going to have to complete a whole lot more than just one DMZ Mission if you want the Blood Soaked Konig skin as the essential piece of the puzzle is located in Legion Tier 4. This means you’re going to have to level Legion rep all the way up to that Tier, requiring you to finish a whole host of objectives along the way. 

Once you reach Tier 4 of Legion, you should be able to see a Mission called Poisoned Well. This is the Mission that you’ll need to get out of the way to secure Blood Soaked Konig.

Looking briefly at the Poisoned Well tasks, you will have to do the following:

  • Acquire 6 Gas Grenades in one deployment
  • Throw 6 Gas Grenades into the open water wells in Zarqwa Hydroelectric in one deployment

This isn’t a particularly hard assignment as you’ll be able to load in with a Gas Grenade equipped, and either use a resupply box or find a few more on your travels. Zarqwa Hydroelectric is also marked on the map so you should also have no issue finding where to throw these Grenades into.

Once you complete the Mission, simply exfil and you will receive the Blood Soaked Konig skin upon your return to the menus!

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