How to get MW2 Anti-Medic Zimo skin

anti-medic zimo skin mw2

In MW2, there are a bunch of different Operators to pick from. While this might be your first dilemma, throw some skins on top of that, and you could be spending some time in those menus to get the right look.

While most MW2 skins cost real-life cash, there are opportunities to score some free outfits. These include the likes of Biohazard, Blood Soaked, Relentless, and Defuse, but another skin you can secure for free is Anti-Medic for Zimo.

This guide will run you through exactly how to get the Anti-Medic Zimo skin in MW2 so you can use it at your will whether that be for the core game, Warzone 2, or DMZ.

How to get Anti-Medic Zimo skin MW2

how to get anti-medic skin mw2

Now, if you want to get this free Operator outfit for yourself, you’re actually going to be stepping out of MW2 and into the side game mode DMZ.

The reason why is because the Anti-Medic Zimo skin is tied to a Mission completion within, so you’re going to have to get familiar with this new looting and extraction mode if you want the threads.

For the Mission in question, you’re going to have to complete Caved In to net yourself Anti-Medic. While you might think a simple Mission is a walk in the park, sadly it is not actually unlocked until you’ve played a bunch of the mode as it sits within Tier 4 of the White Lotus Faction. This means you will have had to completed all of Tiers 1 to 3 of White Lotus to even have the chance at Anti-Medic.

Moving to the Mission itself, it’s not particularly difficult, just a bit fiddly. Here are the objectives you need to complete:

  • Enter the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves by boat
  • Loot and extract the Smuggling Records in the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves
  • Place Sensitive Documents at the original location of the Smuggling Records in the same deployment

As you can see, it’s all about those Records and staying alive since you need to place them back in one deployment otherwise the Mission will reset.

Once you do finish Caved In, you will receive the Anti-Medic Zimo skin upon exfil and once you reach the game’s menus.

And that’s all there is to it. If you’re looking for more help with DMZ, check out our Mission guides on Flight Recon, The Golden Rule, Good Fortune, and more

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