How to get Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy

how to get merlin's cloak hogwarts legacy

There’s no doubt about it, the customization options in Hogwarts Legacy are pretty deep. From character creation to fine-tuning your wand, there are a bunch of intricate details you can tweak.

You’ll likely want to get your fashion game on point too, both impressing your fellow students, and strutting your stuff around Hogsmeade. There are multiple ways in which you can change your outfit; buying new clothing items, finding them in chests around, and beyond the castle, as well as securing them via pre-ordering.

The one clothing item we’ll be discussing today is Merlin’s Cloak, yes, you read that right, the one and only Merlin. His Trials are front and center in the game, and you’ll have chance to secure his magical Cloak for yourself.

Carry on reading to find out exactly how to unlock it so you can carry on his legacy.

How to get Merlin’s Cloak Hogwarts Legacy

merlin's cloak hogwarts legacy

As you can see from the image above, Merlin’s Cloak is pretty unique and special, sporting some lavish gold accents and trademark stars throughout its design. You’ll certainly not be able to find another cloak like this one in the game that’s for sure.

If you like the look of Merlin’s Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy, unlocking it for yourself is actually an incredibly easy task.

What you’ll need to do is watch an official Avalanche stream. The first of these started at 8am PT on February 7, or the official Avalanche Launch stream starting 8am PT on February 10 via Twitch.

Thankfully, these weren’t the only opportunities for Merlin’s Cloak, and there will be another stream you can catch Friday, Feb 24th at 2 pm PST/5pm EST.

You’ll need to view any of these streams for at least 20 minutes for Merlin’s Cloak to be granted.

However, one thing to note here is that you do need to create/sign into your WB Games account and link it to your Twitch counterpart otherwise your watch time will not count and you will not get Merlin’s Cloak.

If you’re looking to add more Hogwarts Legacy unlockables to your collection take a look at our guides on the Dark Arts Garrison Hat, Onyx Hippogriff, and Kelpie Robe.

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