Medical Mule DMZ Mission: Where to find Emergency Rations

medical mule dmz

The all-new DMZ mode that has been introduced with the revamped Warzone experience offers something a little different for traditional Call of Duty players, allowing you to select and complete certain Missions for Faction reputation and rewards. However, some of these missions are a little on the tricky side as there is usually little guidance on what you actually need to do.

One such DMZ Mission is Medical Mule, and is something that has been leaving players scratching their heads on how to complete it. Below, we’ll be running you through the Medical Mule DMZ Mission including its objectives and what you exactly need to do to check it off your list.

Medical Mule DMZ Mission: How to complete

medical mule dmz mission

So, the Medical Mule objectives are:

  • Deliver 20 Stims to the dumpster dead drop northeast of Al Sammam Cemetary
  • Deliver 10 Emergency Rations to a dumpster dead drop north of Al Sammam Cemetary
  • Extract 5 Self Revives

On the face of it, the objectives aren’t too bad but you’ll certainly have to do it across multiple games as you won’t have a backpack large enough to hold it all. If you are struggling to locate all of the above items, both Stims and Emergency Rations can be found in houses with Stims located in areas such as Medical Cabinets and Emergency Rations on either shelves or potentially in fridges.

For the Self Revives, this is where it gets a little tricky. You don’t typically find a bunch of these on your travels unless you are looting every supply box you see. What we recommend is that you use the tactic that we proposed in our Bombing Run guide where you go to locations that have a lot of orange supply boxes such as Sattiq Cave as you are much more likely to get rarer items.

If you’ve managed to locate all of the required items, now comes the wild goose chase of finding where the dead drops are. Well, even though the objective description sounds like it is two separate dead drops, its actually only one you need to put both the Stims and Emergency rations into. The dead drop location is in Al Said and take a look at the map below for the exact spot of the dumpster.

medical mule deap drop location

And there you have it, all you need to know for completing the Medical Mule DMZ Mission!

If you’re also having trouble finding Black Mous Intel or struggling to kill a Commander, check out our guides on both so you can get to unlocking those juicy end-of-tier rewards. 

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