Is Marathon On Xbox & PC?

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Bungie’s latest game, Marathon, is set to make a splash across the gaming world with its incredible art style and overall direction. However, will it be on multiple platforms ensuring its thrilling PVP extraction shooter experience is accessible to a diverse audience of gamers?

Despite Bungie’s well-known partnership with PlayStation, many are wondering if Marathon will be a platform exclusive. Below, we’ll provide the answer to that question and more.

Is There A Marathon Xbox & PC Release?

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In short, as previously stated, even though Bungie and PlayStation have a partnership, it has been confirmed that Marathon will in fact be on multiple platforms including Xbox and PC.

Marathon’s release on Xbox and PC highlights Bungie’s commitment to reaching a wider audience furthering the company’s recent games, Destiny and its sequel, which have been cross-platform titles, available on multiple systems. With Marathon, Bungie continues this trend, ensuring that no segment of its player base is left out.

It’s a move that makes sense. By expanding the game’s availability to Xbox and PC, Bungie opens up Marathon to a wider demographic, increasing its potential player base.

This is particularly important for a PVP-focused game like Marathon, where the number of players can significantly influence the game’s longevity and the dynamism of its multiplayer modes.

Moreover, launching Marathon on Xbox and PC acknowledges the reality of modern gaming: exclusivity is becoming less prevalent.

Cross-platform play and multiplatform releases are increasingly the norm as companies recognize the benefits of a broader player base and the enhanced gaming experiences that cross-play can provide.

This strategic decision by Bungie showcases the company’s understanding of modern gaming’s landscape and its commitment to its fans. Despite the close relationship with PlayStation, Bungie has ensured that Marathon is available to as many players as possible, breaking the confines of platform exclusivity.

Marathon’s presence on Xbox and PC is a testament to the game’s broad appeal and Bungie’s commitment to its community, wherever they choose to play.

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