How to get Legion Deal Intel DMZ for Stronghold Reacquisition

how to get legion deal intel dmz

The new Season 2 update for MW2 has introduced a plethora of new things for both the base game and its other modes Warzone 2 and DMZ. In DMZ specifically, there has been a complete revamp to the Missions, changing up old ones and introducing brand new entries.

One of these is the Stronghold Reacquisition Mission in which tasks you to get into a stronghold and pick up something called Legion Deal Intel.

Now, many are struggling with the Legion Deal Intel part, as they’re not sure where to find it. However, below, we’ll provide you with everything we know on this so you can get it for yourself nice and easily.

How to get Legion Deal Intel DMZ

If you want this Legion Deal Intel for yourself so you can check that last objective off for Stronghold Reacquisition, it’s actually a pretty simple task.

As you would expect considering the other parts of this Mission, what you’ll need to do is head to a Stronghold for the Legion Deal Intel.

Once there, your task here is to kill as many Stronghold guards as you can. It doesn’t matter if they’re based inside the Stronghold or simply wandering around outside, as long as they’re the ones that are the ones guarding it, these are the targets.

This is because Legion Deal Intel can only be dropped by these guards.

legion deal intel dmz location

However, this Intel will not be on their bodies. Instead, it will simply be on the ground and looks like a sheet of paper. If you place your crosshair over it, you will know it is the Legion Deal Intel as its name will pop up.

Now, you may notice that the objective asks you to extract the Intel. But, at this current time, this isn’t the case as once you pick it up, it will complete the objective. This could be a bug though and may get patched in the future.

And that’s all we have on Legion Deal Intel in DMZ. If you’re looking for help in other areas such as how to complete Break Check, how to get IFAKs, or the Crash Site Weapons Case Key location, check out our guides.

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