How to kill a Commander DMZ

kill a commader dmz

The Warzone 2 DMZ mode is probably much deeper than you think. After the initial three missions have been completed, it opens up a myriad of other objectives for you to chase during your Al Mazrah escapades.

One mission that could be tricky to finish is the Weapons Case mission which asks you to kill three DMZ Commanders. However, this mission is not only being difficult to complete, but it also doesn’t really explain who Commanders are in DMZ.

Below, we’ll be providing all the relevant info on how to kill a Commander in DMZ so you can advance to your next set of objectives.

What is a Commander in DMZ?

So, as previously stated, it’s not made abundantly clear what a DMZ Commander is. There is obviously a bunch of AI across Al Mazrah which vary in difficulty due to the weapons they fight with as well as how many armor plates they have on. But, Commanders are actually a special type of enemy that aren’t just running around the map.

There are three types of Commanders in fact; the Chemist, the Juggernaut, and the Commander Helicopter. You might have already bumped into these if you’ve spent some time in DMZ but if you aren’t familiar with them, these enemies spawn in specific places or if a certain event has been triggered.

How to kill a Commander DMZ

Now you know what a Commander is, now you’ll need to know how to kill a Commander to get that mission done. Here’s how.

The Chemist

the chemist dmz

First up, the Chemist. The Chemist is located in the Radiation Zone which is highlighted on the map with a nuclear symbol. To kill the Chemist, you’re going to need to be prepared for not only a tough opponent but also the hazardous environment he is in. To enter the Radiation Zone, you’ll need either a Gas Mask or Radiation Blockers which can both be found throughout Al Mazrah otherwise you will take damage. Once you have these, head in there (preferably with a squad) and do some dodging and weaving, avoid the incoming bullets, and dispatch the Chemist.

The Juggernaut

juggernaut dmz

Next, the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut will only spawn when you are attempting to secure a Weapons Case. The Weapons Case can be located on the map with the briefcase that has a question mark on it. Head over there and expect some serious firepower as the Juggernaut is not easy to take down. You’ll need lots of plates, strong weapons, and potentially some self-revives just in case. You can use this opportunity to extract a Weapons Case to get another objective ticked off your mission and also make progress toward the Biohazard Konig skin.

The Commander Helicopter

commander helicopter dmz

Finally, the Commander Helicopter. The Commander Helicopter will only spawn if you have completed an Intel Contract. Once it does spawn, it is highlighted on the map with a skull that should roam around some POIs. The Helicopter can be tough to dispatch but we recommend getting into a building and shooting from the window to ensure you don’t get mowed down by that heavy-duty machine gun.

If you are doing the Weapons Case mission where you need to kill three commanders, don’t worry about killing all three of the above in one session. You can, in fact, go in, kill one, exfil, and go back in at your leisure.

And there you have it, everything you need to know for how to kill a Commander in DMZ. Now you can get that mission boxed off swiftly and onto the next one!

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