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In the vast, enchanting world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, numerous locations echo with the nostalgic charm of Breath of the Wild. Among these, Kakariko Village stands as a key destination for both veterans and newcomers alike.

Below, we’ll detail the Kakariko Village location in Tears of the Kingdom so you can visit this treasured community once more!

Kakariko Village Location Tears Of The Kingdom

Kakariko Village remains in its original spot from Breath of the Wild, located in the region of West Necluda. Specifically, the village is nestled within the hills north-east of Dueling Peaks, and south of the Lanayru Wetlands.

kakariko village location totk

Kakariko Village is a traditional Sheikah village, steeped in a rich, vibrant history. It is characterized by its thatched-roof houses, tranquil waterways, verdant gardens, and the iconic windmill overlooking the serene landscape. The village’s rustic charm and calming ambiance make it a delightful location to explore.

Upon entering the village, players are greeted by the bustling marketplace filled with a variety of shops and services. Whether you’re looking to purchase fresh produce, procure new weapons, upgrade your Sheikah Slate, or engage in local quests, Kakariko Village caters to every adventurer’s needs.

A key landmark within the village this time around are the Ring Ruins, where players can explore some interesting lore around the Zonai.

totk ring ruins kakariko village

In Tears of the Kingdom, Kakariko Village retains its role as a pivotal location in the storyline, offering players crucial narrative moments, character interactions, and insights into the Sheikah culture.

The village also serves as a hub for various side quests that provide opportunities for players to deepen their connection with the villagers and the world around them.

In conclusion, Kakariko Village, with its familiar location and comforting atmosphere, is a testament to the enduring appeal of The Legend of Zelda series. Its blend of tradition, mystery, and charm makes it a memorable part of any adventurer’s journey through the expansive realm of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.

Whether you’re revisiting it from Breath of the Wild or exploring it for the first time, Kakariko Village offers a warm welcome to all who enter its boundaries.

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