How To Get Jedi Survivor Mullet

how to get mullet jedi survivor

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players can customize their character, Cal Kestis, with various outfits, lightsaber parts, and hairstyles. One such hairstyle, the mullet, is a sought-after option that players need to unlock the Road House achievement/trophy.

This article will guide you through the process of locating and obtaining the mullet hairstyle in the game so you can don the timeless look yourself and make inroads on that Road House achievement/trophy

Where To Find Jedi Survivor Mullet

jedi survivor mullet

The mullet, akin to that of the other cosmetic items in the game, is found out in the world. However, it is tucked away and you’ll likely not simply come across it if you aren’t looking, so below, we’ll take you through the exact process you’ll need to follow.

To start, the mullet hairstyle is found in the Derelict Dam area of the Dredger Gorge map on Koboh. To reach this location, follow Koboh’s starting path down the hills until you arrive at the tar pits in the Derelict Dam section.

If you’re having trouble locating the Dam or returning to Koboh to search for the mullet, refer to the game’s map to pinpoint the location, as this will at least get you in the right vicinity to start the process.

When the path opens up into multiple options, you’ll need to go left and make your way to the top of the dam by jumping across the nearby tar pits and doing some acrobatics by climbing the vines.

Once you’re at the top of the tar pits, face the large metal canister surrounded by platforms floating in mud. You’ll then need to perform a pretty tight jump here so timing is crucial when jumping across the gap between the nearest platform and the dam’s safe haven. Although you will land in the tar, you’ll have some time to move towards the platform, so don’t fret, this is normal.

After this, proceed to the second floating platform located around the side of the giant canister. After another jump and wading through the tar once more, you’ll see a solid rock platform around the left corner. Jump onto this platform and open the all-important blue chest that is waiting for you. Inside, you’ll find the much-desired mullet hairstyle for Cal.

Now you have the mullet in your possession, you’ll want to equip it to try and get that Road House achievement/trophy. To equip it, you’ll have to open up the standard customization menu and select Cal’s new hairstyle.

All in all, unlocking the mullet hairstyle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor adds a touch of flair to Cal’s appearance and helps you achieve the Road House accomplishment. It’s not particularly difficult to find, but as previously stated, it is a little hidden and you’ll probably miss it on a regular playthrough.

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