Is Marathon In The Destiny Universe?

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In the vast landscape of sci-fi gaming, Bungie has established an impressive reputation with standout titles like Halo and Destiny. When Marathon was announced, it was inevitable that comparisons would arise.

While Bungie has made clear its intent to infuse Marathon with the rich storytelling and dynamic multiplayer experiences characteristic of their previous titles, they have also emphasized that Marathon is its own unique entity.

Because of this, many are wondering if Marathon and Destiny are connected at all, maybe by being in the same universe. Below, we’ll take you through some of our knowledge of what we know so far.

Are Marathon And Destiny Connected?

Marathon takes its inspiration from Bungie’s early 1994 game of the same name but is not a direct sequel. The new Marathon situates players within a completely different setting.

As cybernetic mercenaries, or ‘Runners,’ players dive into the intriguing world of Tau Ceti IV, far from the lore of Destiny. Here, they compete for survival, riches, and glory, uncovering long-dormant AI, mysterious artifacts, and untold treasures along the way.

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Although Marathon is an entirely separate IP, Bungie has taken great care to imbue its games with a certain familiarity for fans of their previous work

Players can expect an array of easter eggs, callbacks, and references to Bungie’s other titles, providing a sense of connectivity and a touch of nostalgia for long-standing fans. These easter eggs, however, do not signify a shared universe with Destiny; they will likely serve more as a homage to Bungie’s storied history in the gaming industry.

In conclusion, while Marathon may share a developer and a commitment to deep, engaging sci-fi storytelling with Destiny, it is not a part of the Destiny universe.

Instead, it represents a bold step into a new world, offering players an entirely distinct and exciting journey. Expect to enjoy the familiar craftsmanship and ingenious design that Bungie is known for, but in a universe that stands apart from those they’ve created before.

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