Is Marathon Free To Play?

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As Bungie unveils more details about their new PvP extraction shooter, Marathon, one question that arises among the gaming community is: Will Marathon be a free-to-play game?

The reason why many are asking this is due to not only the nature of the game, but also the fact that the industry has shifted, with many a gamer much preferring a free-to-play experience and purchasing which in-game content they want.

Below, we’ll try and shed some light on the Marathon free-to-play question so you can come away a little more informed.

Is Marathon A Free To Play Game?

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One of the biggest indicators suggesting that Marathon may not be free-to-play is the inclusion of a seasons-based model similar to that found in Bungie’s earlier title, Destiny.

This system typically involves an initial base game purchase, followed by subsequent paid expansions released on a regular schedule – often quarterly.

This model allows the game developers to continually evolve the game world, adding new content, storylines, and gameplay elements with each new season.

While this model is not necessarily incompatible with free-to-play, it’s often used in premium games that require a base game purchase. This system encourages ongoing player engagement and ensures a steady stream of revenue to support the game’s continuous development.

However, this does not mean that Marathon will be inaccessible to players unwilling or unable to make these purchases. Many games using this model offer a lot of content in the base game and have free aspects of each season’s content.

Furthermore, the fact that Bungie is exploring a seasons-based model suggests that they are aiming to create a long-lasting game that evolves over time, keeping players engaged for years to come.

Of course, all of these speculations hinge on Bungie’s official announcement. Until then, the gaming community is left to speculate on the potential cost and business model of Marathon.

Regardless, given Bungie’s track record, players can expect a high-quality gaming experience that offers plenty of value for their investment.

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Jacob Woodward
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