Is Marathon Cross-Platform & Crossplay?

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As the gaming world continues to evolve, one of the most exciting developments in recent years is the rise of cross-platform and crossplay capabilities.

This allows players on different platforms to play together, creating more connected and vibrant gaming communities.

Bungie, with their new game Marathon, are at the forefront of this trend, since the introduction of this in Destiny 2, but will Marathon not only be a multi-platform game but also feature cross-platform and crossplay capabilities?

Is Marathon Cross-Platform?

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Marathon, a PvP extraction shooter, is designed from its very core to provide an immersive and evolving gaming experience. By incorporating cross-platform and crossplay features, Bungie is expanding the potential player base and enhancing the multiplayer experience.

Cross-platform play in Marathon allows gamers to compete against each other, irrespective of the platform they are playing on. This means that a player on an Xbox can play with or against a player on a PC, and vice versa.

This feature drastically broadens the scope of the multiplayer modes and ensures a diverse and lively player base at all times. It promotes a more inclusive gaming community, bringing together players from different platforms and different parts of the world.

Moreover, Marathon also supports cross-save, a feature that enables players to progress their accounts across different platforms. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who use multiple platforms for gaming. They can start playing on their Xbox, for example, and then pick up right where they left off on their PC.

Bungie’s decision to include these features is a reflection of the changing landscape in the world of video games. As the lines between different gaming platforms continue to blur, cross-platform and crossplay capabilities are becoming increasingly significant.

They promote inclusivity and flexibility, providing players with greater freedom and more options in how they enjoy their games.

The inclusion of cross-platform and crossplay features in Marathon is a testament to Bungie’s commitment to creating a flexible and inclusive gaming environment.

It allows for a larger, more diverse community of players, and ensures Marathon’s multiplayer modes are as dynamic and exciting as possible.

With Marathon, Bungie has shown that it understands and embraces the future of multiplayer gaming.

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Jacob Woodward
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