Is Marathon A Remake?

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In the world of video gaming, some names stand as giants due to their groundbreaking concepts, immersive worlds, and lasting impact.

One such game is Bungie’s 1994 sci-fi shooter, Marathon, revered by fans and critics alike for its forward-thinking game design and rich storytelling.

Nearly three decades later, Bungie is revisiting the classic Marathon universe, but rather than a direct remake, this is a comprehensive reimagining.

Is Marathon A Remake Or A New Experience?

While the game retains the name, the Marathon of 2023 is not a simple retread of the original 1994 Marathon. Instead, Bungie aims to create an entirely new experience that belongs to the same universe, infused with their signature touches and design ethos.

This fresh interpretation of Marathon is designed to captivate both new players and those who’ve been longing for a return to the Marathon universe.

One of the significant departures from the original is in the narrative structure. The 1994 Marathon told its story through text-based terminals scattered throughout the game.

marathon 1994

Fast forward to 2023, and the narrative methods have vastly evolved. Now, Marathon is focused on player-driven storytelling, with players directly affecting the game world through their choices and actions.

This innovative approach intertwines the game’s overarching narrative with player-driven stories, creating a compelling dynamic between player agency and the game’s world evolution.

Marathon is also not limited to a single-player experience, as was the case in its original version. The game is designed as a Player vs. Player (PvP) extraction shooter with ample opportunities for exploration and combat against both other players and AI-controlled enemies.

It doesn’t stop at mere combat – players’ actions can have wide-ranging ramifications, potentially unlocking new areas and unfolding narrative elements.

So, is Marathon a remake? The answer is no. It’s a game that stands on the legacy of its namesake, drawing inspiration from its rich past while charting its own course into the future.

It is a new entity, embodying the spirit of Marathon while reinventing the gameplay experience to fit the expectations and preferences of today’s gaming audience.

Marathon is not a return to the past, but a leap forward into the future, offering a reimagined experience that will redefine the Marathon universe for a new generation of gamers.

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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