Is Dark and Darker free to play?

dark and darker free to play

As AAA games continue to become more and more expensive, there are huge opportunities available for developers to throw a free to play game out there to attract the audience who either can’t afford those price tags, or simply don’t want to pay it.

Dark and Darker is the game that attempts to break the looting and extraction mould thanks to its medieval setting but does it also do the same with its free to play nature? We’ll break down if Dark and Darker is free to play with this helpful guide.

Is Dark and Darker free to play?

dark and darker beta

The short answer to the all-important question of if Dark and Darker is free to play is yes, in its ‘alpha’ state, Dark and Darker costs nothing and can be downloaded via Steam when a playtest is live.

However, while Dark and Darker is free to play at this current moment, there’s no saying that the developers might put a small price tag on it come either a full beta or its official 1.0 release. This is simply because the game, and its servers, need funding somehow, so rather than throwing in pay to win mechanics, a budget-friendly number could be slapped onto Dark and Darker. This is, however, all speculation at this point, and Dark and Darker could remain free to play forever more!

If Dark and Darker free to play is a thing, we could see either armor or weapon skins in the game which would certainly be interesting in a medieval setting, but would also set it apart from any potential copycat games that attempt to take the medieval Tarkov crown.

All we have to do is either wait for Dark and Darker’s price to get updated or we receive some form of communication from the developers as to whether we’ll see changes to this in the future. Regardless, as soon as we get any more information, we’ll update this guide so you’re also in the know!

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