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Season 2 of MW2 didn’t just introduce a new map for DMZ – Ashika Island, it also brought with it a whole host of new Missions and Keys for you to chase. One of the returning Missions however is Health Conscious and many are struggling to get it done as it has been tweaked slightly.

This is mainly due to the IFAK objective which wasn’t there before, tripping a bunch of players up.

Below, we’ll take you through where to find IFAKs in DMZ so you can complete the new version of Health Conscious with ease.

Where to find IFAK DMZ

As previously stated, the IFAK item is needed for the newly revamped Health Conscious Mission so locating one is key.

The IFAK itself isn’t a special item meaning it doesn’t have that gold-looking background to it. This, therefore, also means that it should be a pretty common occurrence as you play the game.

However, there are times where you simply can’t find one, and you’re not alone in this. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of DMZ and its random loot and cannot really be manipulated.

What you can do though is elevate your chances of finding an IFAK by looking in specific places.

Our first recommendations are to look in every Medicine Cabiner you can find. These are usually located in bathrooms and in our experience, give you more of a chance of receiving and IFAK. Additionally, the same applies for First Aid Boxes so open up every one you see and cross your fingers for that all-important IFAK.

Finally, if you head toward medical buildings such as a hospital, you should be able to net yourself an IFAK as these areas do have increased drop rates.

If all else fails, the only other tip we have for you is to run with a squad, allowing three people to look for IFAKs, hopefully increasing your chances. If one person does find one, and they’ve completed Health Conscious already, they can just drop it for you and you can exfil safely.

If you’re looking for more DMZ after the Season 2 launch, take a look at our guides on Break Check and the Crash Site Weapons Case Key location.

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