How To Upgrade Inventory Space In TotK

increase weapon inventory tears of the kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, managing inventory space is a crucial aspect of gameplay. As players gather an ever-growing arsenal of weapons, shields, and bows, they will need to increase their inventory capacity to accommodate their newfound items.

Fortunately, the game offers a tried-and-true method for expanding inventory space making your life that bit easier. In this article, we will delve into how to increase your inventory limit, ensuring you never run out of room for your essential gear.

How To Increase Inventory Space In Tears Of The Kingdom

Thankfully, akin to Breath of the Wild, the method of increasing the amount of slots you have for weapons, bows, and shields, stays the same – finding Korok seeds.

korok seed tears of the kingdom

As expected, Korok seeds can be found scattered throughout the vast world of Tears of the Kingdom. These small, elusive items are hidden in various locations, and players will need to solve puzzles or complete challenges to uncover them.

Many Korok seeds can be found by interacting with suspicious objects or unusual formations, such as moving rocks, examining odd patterns, or shooting targets from a distance. As players explore the game world, they should keep an eye out for anything unusual, as it may lead to the discovery of valuable Korok seeds.

Once players have collected a sufficient number of Korok seeds, they can trade them with a friendly character named Hestu.

This large, maraca-wielding creature can be found in various locations throughout the game, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to exchange Korok seeds for inventory expansions.

upgrade stash tears of the kingdom

Players will need to present Hestu with an increasing number of Korok seeds for each subsequent inventory upgrade. The first inventory slot expansion will require only a few seeds, while later upgrades will demand a larger quantity.

Players must carefully choose which categories of inventory they wish to expand – weapons, shields, or bows – as the cost of expansion will rise for each type.

To fully maximize inventory space in Tears of the Kingdom, players should endeavor to collect as many Korok seeds as possible. This task may require revisiting previously explored areas or embarking on new adventures in search of these elusive items.

increase inventory tears of the kingdom

By consistently gathering Korok seeds and trading them with Hestu, players can gradually increase their inventory limit, ensuring they have ample space for their ever-growing collection of gear.

All in all, in Tears of the Kingdom, expanding inventory space is essential for a successful adventure. By locating hidden Korok seeds and trading them with Hestu, players can incrementally increase their inventory capacity, allowing them to carry a wide array of weapons, shields, and bows.

As players continue their journey through the game’s vast and intricate world, they must remain diligent in their quest for Korok seeds, ensuring they have the necessary inventory space to accommodate their evolving arsenal.

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