How To Transfer Horses From BotW to TotK

transfer botw horses to totk

The Zelda series has always been renowned for its continuity and connection between games. A perfect example of this is the ability to transfer horses from Breath of the Wild to the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom.

This article guides you through the process of transferring your cherished equine companions to the new game.

How To Get Horses From BotW In TotK

The first step to transfer your horses is to find a stable in Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. The specific stable you visit doesn’t matter; they’re spread across the map and are easy to find due to their distinctive structure and the large horse head sign outside.

new serenne stable totk

Once you’ve found a stable, interact with the stable owner to begin the transfer process. Upon engaging in conversation with the stable owner, they will introduce you to the stable system, explaining the mechanics of storing, retrieving, and managing your horses.

This system is an integral part of both games and allows for seamless interaction between them.

However, the magic truly happens if you have a save file from Breath of the Wild on your system. The stable owner will recognize you from your previous adventures and will present you with an impressive lineup of your previously tamed horses.

Your entire stable from Breath of the Wild will be at your disposal, ready for you to take out and ride across the expansive landscapes of Tears of the Kingdom. This includes the likes of Epona if you got this legendary horse in the previous game.

epona totk

This innovative feature of transferring horses adds a layer of continuity between the two games, making your journey feel even more personal and immersive.

It means that the time and effort you spent taming and bonding with your horses in Breath of the Wild doesn’t go to waste. Instead, these loyal companions will continue to be by your side, aiding you in your new adventures in Tears of the Kingdom.

In conclusion, the process of transferring horses from Breath of the Wild to Tears of the Kingdom is straightforward and rewarding.

It emphasizes the importance of continuity and connection in the Zelda series, allowing players to feel even more immersed in the world of Hyrule. So saddle up and prepare for another epic journey with your faithful steeds

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