How To Shield Surf In TotK

shield surf tears of the kingdom

In the ever-expanding universe of The Legend of Zelda, there are countless ways for players to traverse the beautifully crafted environments.

From horse riding to paragliding, each game introduces unique forms of travel that not only add to the gameplay experience but also play a crucial role in overcoming challenges.

One of the most exhilarating modes of transportation introduced in Breath of the Wild, and now a returning feature in Tears of the Kingdom, is shield surfing. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to master this skill.

How To Shield Surf In Tears Of The Kingdom

Shield surfing is a way for Link to use his shield as a makeshift snowboard, sliding down hills and mountains with great speed and agility. It’s a fun way to navigate the landscapes of Hyrule, but also a strategic tool to quickly evade enemies or reach difficult areas.

To initiate shield surfing in Tears of the Kingdom, first, equip a shield. You can do this by navigating to the inventory menu and selecting a shield. Once you have a shield equipped, you’re ready to start surfing.

The action begins with Link needing to be airborne. This can be achieved either by jumping off a higher terrain or simply pressing the jump button.

While in mid-air, press and hold the shield button (ZL on the controller), and then press the action button (the ‘A’ button). This will position Link in a surfing stance on his shield.

how to shield surf totk

From here, the momentum of your initial jump and the gradient of the hill you’re on will determine your speed. Steeper slopes and a good running start will result in faster shield surfing. You can control the direction of your surf by using the left analog stick.

It’s worth noting that shield surfing on rocky or rough terrain will gradually damage your shield, possibly breaking it, so it’s best used on smoother surfaces like plain old grass, sand, or snow.

Moreover, shield surfing isn’t limited to just downhill. With enough speed, you can surf on flat surfaces and even slightly uphill. However, doing so will rapidly decrease your speed.

In conclusion, shield surfing is a fun and dynamic way to explore the expansive world of Tears of the Kingdom. It adds another layer of depth to the movement mechanics and provides players with an engaging method to traverse the beautiful landscapes of Hyrule. So grab your shield, find a hill, and start surfing!

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