How To Read Ancient Hyrulean Text TotK

how to read ancient hyrulean text totk

In the rich world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players encounter various bits of ancient Hyrulean text scattered around both the sky and ground levels of Hyrule.

Initially, these scripts are unreadable, with an on-screen notification indicating that Link cannot decipher the text.

However, the process to unlock this ability adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay and the lore of the kingdom.

This guide will reveal all on this so you too can access even more lore in this incredibly deep gameplay experience.

How To Read Ancient Hyrulean Text Tears Of The Kingdom

To read these ancient scripts, players must first complete at least one dungeon/temple in the game. It doesn’t matter which; this condition simply represents a significant milestone in the game, at which point the developers deemed it appropriate for players to be able to delve deeper into the world’s history and lore.

Once the dungeon/temple has been conquered, the player must return to Lookout Landing, a central hub in the game, home to several key characters.

Here, they should seek out a character named Wortsworth, who can be found in the south corner of the location. Interacting with Wortsworth will trigger the “Messages From An Ancient Era” side adventure, a questline that revolves around deciphering the mysterious ancient Hyrulean text.

messages from an ancient era totk

Intriguingly, Link himself does not gain the ability to read the ancient text. Instead, the player must use their Purah Pad to take pictures of the various scripts scattered around Hyrule. These images must then be returned to Wortsworth for translation.

This mechanic offers a unique twist to the gameplay. Not only does it encourage exploration, but it also enriches the game’s lore as Wortsworth translates the scripts, shedding light on the ancient era of Hyrule and its secrets.

translating ancient hyrulean text totk

In conclusion, reading ancient Hyrulean text in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a process requiring both progress in the game’s storyline and active exploration on the part of the player.

Through the completion of dungeons, engagement with key characters, and proactive discovery of these ancient scripts, players can unearth the rich history of Hyrule and add an additional layer of depth to their gaming experience.

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