How to open doors that slam shut in Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower

how to open clock tower doors hogwarts legacy

There’s no mistaking that Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets, making you uncover them as you explore both the castle and its surroundings. Not only this but there are also a plethora of puzzles to solve, potentially boggling your mind as you look for a solution.

The shutting doors in the Clock Tower are exactly one of these puzzles that many are struggling with as you’re not provided much of a hint as to how to open them.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work for you, and below, we’ll be teaching you how to open each of these doors in the Clock Tower so you can secure the spoils for doing so.

How to open slamming doors in Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower

As previously stated, there are some doors within the Clock Tower of Hogwarts Castle that you simply cannot access as much as you try to barge your way in. They look like they’ll unlock as you get close to them, then simply slam shut right in your face.

There are four of these doors in total, with a corresponding animal symbol attached to them.

The first of these, the Unicorn door, is the one you’ve likely run into first as it’s close to where you encounter Lucan Brattleby for Crossed Wands. To open this door, you’ll first need to have learned either the Glacious or Arresto Momentum spells.

You get these by completing Madam Kagawa’s assignments, so make sure you’re at the point of the game where these are available.

clock tower pendulum hogwarts legacy

Once you have either of these spells, look up at the Clock Tower pendulum and you should be able to see the animal symbols on there also. Wait until it’s on the Unicorn and cast one of the aforementioned spells. Now, head to the door and it will be unlocked for you.

Now, for the other three doors, these do follow the same process, but what you will also need to do is unlock the door close to the Unicorn one you’ve just opened with Alohomora. This will allow you to traverse a secret staircase and up to the remaining doors.

And there you have it, you should now have opened all of the locked Clock Tower doors and got yourself some extra loot. You’ll also be rewarded with progress toward a new appearance for completing this Hogwarts Secret. You can find this progress in your Challenges tab.

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