How to make money in Temtem

temtem money making

Temtem is one of those games that you probably dreamed of if you were a Pokemon fan growing up. It has everything you know and love from the franchise but with new, innovative differences that take it to a new level.

What you do need on your travels through the game is money and in this guide, we’ll run you through multiple ways in which you can get yourself some more cash. Let’s get into it.

How does money work in Temtem?

The currency in Temtem is called Pansun and you’re able to gain money in various aspects of the game as you progress. As expected, you can use this money in exchange for new items such as clothing, healing items, breeding, and more.

How to make money in Temtem

Now you know a little bit about money in Temtem, how can you get a whole lot more of it to spend as your heart desires? Well, there are a few different ways of acquiring Pansun and below, we’ll be running you through all the methods, with some you may not know about, especially if you’re new to the game.

Selling items

The first way in which you can make money in Temtem is to sell items that you may not need. This seems like a bit of a no brainer but there are times where you completely forget that you’ve accumulated so many of an item that you simply don’t need or won’t use. One thing to note here though, a lot of items in Temtem are only available once so do keep that in mind before emptying your whole inventory for a few extra Pansun.

Fight more trainers

temtem trainer fight

If you’re someone that is just looking for an easy ride through Temtem by avoiding some trainer battles, you’re definitely missing a trick on money making. Fighting trainers is one of the best ways to make money in Temtem so don’t be scared to run around the island and finding your next opponent. You do have to win the battle though so keep that in mind before going into any and all fights. As a side note, you can also make money by winning battles against player trainers, not just AI, which could be useful for those who want some PVP action.

Catching and releasing Temtem

freeing temtem pansun

Another great way you can make monday in Temtem is to catch and release your monsters. This can only be done however if you have already completed all of the main quests. You’ll need to head to FreeTem! Orginization which is located next to the Breeding Center to claim Pansun reward as well as any other rewards after releasing a certain number of Temtem.

Postal Service

If you fancy doing a little postal work in Temtem, you can be rewarded with Pansun among other items. The Postal Service is found in Uhuru on Kisiwa and tasks you with delivering packages to certain NPCs throughout the game. Once completed, you’ll nab those free rewards.

And there we have it, four ways in which you can make money in Temtem. Hopefully you’ve gained some insight into how to secure yourself some more Pansun so you can go on a shopping spree for new cosmetics or simply stock up on healing items for your party.

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