How To Increase Max Health In TotK

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Tears of the Kingdom, an enthralling new adventure game in Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule, offers players a vast world full of challenges and discoveries. One essential aspect of survival and progression in the game is increasing your maximum health, which can be achieved through obtaining a certain item.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to increase your max health in Tears of the Kingdom, so you can secure more hearts for Link and hopefully avoid that Game Over screen on a regular basis.

How To Get More Hearts In Tears Of The Kingdom

To get more hearts for Link in Tears of the Kingdom, as previously stated, you’ll be looking to acquire a certain item. This item is the Heart Container, a main staple in the franchise since its inception.

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Each Heart Container you manage to pick up boosts your maximum health by one heart, allowing you to withstand more damage from enemies and environmental hazards. Collecting Heart Containers is crucial for progressing through the game and tackling its many challenges.

How To Get Heart Containers In Tears Of The Kingdom

Throughout the game world, you will encounter various shrines, each containing a unique puzzle or challenge. Successfully completing a shrine rewards you with a Light of Blessing akin to that of Spirit Orbs in the previous game.

As you progress through Tears of the Kingdom, it’s essential to collect as many Lights of Blessing as possible by conquering shrines as they are the key to obtaining Heart Containers.

Once you have collected four Lights of Blessing, you will need to find a Goddess Statue, typically located in towns, villages, or other significant landmarks. These statues are where you can exchange your Lights of Blessing for Heart Containers.

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To make the trade, approach the Goddess Statue and interact with it to access the option to exchange your Light of Blessings. Select the option to trade in four Lights of Blessing for a Heart Container. Your maximum health will increase by one heart, and the Heart Container will appear in your health bar.

To further increase your max health, continue to complete shrines, collect Lights of Blessing, and exchange them for Heart Containers at Goddess Statues.

In addition to increasing your max health, Lights of Blessing can also be used to enhance your stamina. It’s crucial to strike a balance between health and stamina upgrades to ensure Link is well-rounded and prepared for various challenges in Tears of the Kingdom.

All in all, increasing your max health in Tears of the Kingdom is a vital aspect of gameplay, allowing you to face the challenges and dangers of this captivating world with confidence.

By following this guide, which mirrors the process used in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll be well-equipped to collect Heart Containers and boost your health as you journey through the enthralling realm of Tears of the Kingdom. Remember to balance your health and stamina upgrades, and keep exploring to uncover more shrines and gather Lights of Blessing.

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