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yiga armor set totk

The expansive world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents a plethora of unique armor sets for players to uncover.

One such set is the elusive Yiga Clan Armor Set, a collection of three items that, when worn together, can significantly enhance your stealth abilities, allowing you to sneak up on both your foes and any unsuspecting animals.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to acquire the Yiga Clan Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Yiga Clan Armor Set Tears Of The Kingdom

The Yiga Clan Armor Set consists of three parts: the Mask, the Armor, and the Tights. To fully equip the set, you’ll need to embark on a three-part adventure across Hyrule to locate each piece.

Yiga Clan Mask Location

The first piece of the set is the Yiga Clan Mask, which is located west of Hylia Lake inside a small Yiga Clan hideout.

yiga clan mask location totk

To acquire the mask, you’ll need to successfully defeat the guards protecting the hideout. Once you have overcome these foes, you will find a prisoner named Pitar. Upon speaking with Pitar, he will reward you with the coveted Yiga Clan Mask.

yiga mask totk

Yiga Clan Armor Location

Next, you’ll need to journey south of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, where the Yiga Clan Armor is kept.

yiga armor location totk

Like the previous location, this hideout is also heavily guarded. After defeating the guards, you’ll find another prisoner, Konba. Speak with Konba, and he will give you the Yiga Clan Armor, bringing you one step closer to completing the set.

yiga armor totk

Yiga Clan Tights Location

The final piece of the set, the Yiga Clan Tights, is hidden within a Yiga Clan cave in the Aldor Foothills.

yiga armor totk

Overcoming the guards here will grant you access to a secret room that is only accessible by using the Ascend ability in a specific area of the cave.

yiga tights totk

Inside this secret room, you’ll find the prisoner Aliza. Speak with her, and she will reward you with the Yiga Clan Tights, completing your Yiga Clan Armor Set.

Overall, securing the Yiga Clan Armor Set is a challenging but rewarding quest that requires strategic combat and exploration.

Each piece of the set not only offers its own unique boosts but when worn together, they provide substantial enhancement to your abilities. Don the Yiga Clan Armor Set, and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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