How To Get Travel Medallion In TotK

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The vast and intricate world of Tears of the Kingdom invites players to explore its many wonders. However, traversing this expansive map can be a daunting task, especially when specific locations need to be revisited.

The solution? The Travel Medallion, an incredibly useful item that allows unrestricted fast travel. This article will guide you through the steps for how to get the Travel Medallion in Tears of the Kingdom so you too can get from A to B in an instant no matter where in Hyrule you want to go.

How To Get Travel Medallion Tears Of The Kingdom

The journey to obtaining the Travel Medallion starts with Robbie. You’ll need to progress his questline until he is in Hateno Village. Here, you will need to complete the Research Lab side adventure, a fascinating journey into the scientific advancements of the game world. Upon the successful completion of this adventure, you’ll open up a further path to the Travel Medallion.

After talking to Robbie, he’ll tell you about additional upgrades available for your Purah Pad. Engage him in conversation again, and you’ll be able to select the Travel Medallion from the list of potential upgrades. This will trigger a side adventure that you need to complete called Presenting: The Travel Medallion!

With the side adventure complete, the last step of the journey will take you to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the Akkala region. Here, you’ll find a treasure chest containing the Travel Medallion. With this item in your possession, you can fast travel to any location you desire, unbound by the fixed locations of shrines.

The Travel Medallion is a game-changer, granting players a degree of flexibility and freedom that is unparalleled. It allows you to set your own fast travel point anywhere in the vast world of Tears of the Kingdom. Whether it’s a frequently visited area, a beautiful vista, or a challenging enemy you want to face repeatedly, the Travel Medallion ensures that no location is out of reach.

Overall, acquiring the Travel Medallion in Tears of the Kingdom is a rewarding journey that unveils fascinating aspects of the game and its world. Once you have this item, the entirety of Tears of the Kingdom’s map is completely at your disposal, allowing you to fast travel to a specific point without being tied to fixed points like shrines.

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