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Tingle, the eccentric character from previous Zelda games, is ‘back’ in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. As a homage to this beloved figure, players can hunt down and collect the Tingle Set – comprising of Tingle’s Hood, Tingle’s Shirt, and Tingle’s Tights.

This outfit does not only provide Link with an unusual appearance, but also brings back memories of Tingle’s quirky character traits.

This article will serve as a detailed guide to help players track down each piece of this peculiar ensemble.

How To Get Tingle Set In Tears Of The Kingdom

Each of the parts of the Tingle armor set in Tears of the Kingdom requires a bit of exploration, and you’ll likely not even come across them on your adventures. However, we’ve found them all, and here is what you need to do:

Tingle’s Shirt

Begin your adventure in West Necluda, at the Dueling Peaks South Cave. Below is where you need to go to find the cave if you haven’t already. Jump off the side of the mountain and glide in.

tingle shirt location totk

This cave presents a puzzle involving rocks and floor tiles. To reveal a hidden chest housing Tingle’s Shirt, you need to place rocks on specific floor tiles.

The placement order and pattern don’t vary, so it’s a simple test of patience and observational skills, listening out for when each successful placement occurs. If you’re stuck, the solution is actually in the cave opposite on the ceiling so float across and come back if so.

Once you solve the puzzle, the chest appears, and you can claim your first piece of the Tingle Set.

tingle shirt totk

Tingle’s Hood

Your journey for the second piece, Tingle’s Hood, takes you to the rugged terrains past the Gerudo Summit. Again, a cave there houses the next piece of Tingle’s outfit. Here is the spot you need to go to:

tingle hood location totk

However, it’s locked, requiring you to utilize a Zonai Mirror to angle the light correctly to unlock it, so if you don’t have one, go to one of the Zonai gacha machines and pick it up.

tingle hood puzzle totk

Inside, you’ll face a horde of Gibdo. Once you’ve defeated them, employ a Zonai Fan to clear the dust from the chest. Then, you can open the chest to get Tingle’s Hood.

tingle hood totk

Tingle’s Tights

The search for the final piece, Tingle’s Tights, will take you to the extreme southwest of the map. Here is the precise location:

tingle tights location totk

Leap off the edge and glide left to the hidden Cape Cales Cliffside Base. Land on the wooden panel in the water underneath, and then whistle to reveal a secret entrance.

Navigate through the water and use the Ascend ability on the ship. Behind a bunch of crates, you’ll find the chest containing Tingle’s Tights.

tingle tights totk

This adventure serves not only to collect a unique set of apparel in the Tears of the Kingdom, but also serves as a nostalgic quest, reminding players of the remarkable characters that have graced the Legend of Zelda series. Happy hunting!

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