How to get the notes in Scrope’s Last Hope Hogwarts Legacy

how to get scrope's notes hogwarts legacy

As we’re sure you’re aware, Hogwarts Legacy can certainly be challenging at times, both in and out of combat. Quests especially can cause some serious headaches as some of these require some serious thinking or puzzle solving.

Scrope’s Last Hope is exactly one of these quests that are tripping people up. Scrope’s note locations specifically are particularly awkward so below, we’ll be detailing exactly where to find these notes so you can check this quest off and move on to the next one.

Scrope’s Last Hope note locations Hogwarts Legacy

scrope's note locations hogwarts legacy

The first note is pretty self-explanatory as you’re essentially taken right to it to begin the quest. However, the two following are a little confusing, tripping up many a witch or wizard.

The second note, the one that is just across the bridge, out of Hogwarts itself, is actually up high, so you’ll need to look upward, potentially getting that aiming going.

To get this note, however, you can’t simply jump up and pick it from the boulder. Instead, you’re going have to use Accio on the nearby cube.

Control the cube with the aforementioned spell and place it next to the boulder. You should now be able to climb on and secure Scrope’s note. See our video below if you’re struggling.

Once you’ve acquired this note, you’ll then be sent on a subsequent wild goose chase for yet another of this House Elf’s notes.

For the third note, you’ll be directed toward the Groundskeeper’s Hut, which will become Hagrid’s in around 100 years’ time. More specifically, it’s the pumpkin patch you’ll be focusing on.

Head down to the Hut, and once you find yourself in the pumpkin patch, you’ll soon realize that the note in question is nowhere to be seen. Instead, what you have to do is break one of the pumpkins and all will be revealed. Check our video below for the precise pumpkin you need to open.

This is thankfully the last of the hidden notes and you can head off, meet Scrope himself, and get on with the rest of the quest.

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