How To Get Shrine Sensor In TotK

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In the expansive world of Tears of the Kingdom, the Shrine Sensor is a critical tool to assist you in navigating the game’s vast landscape. Similar to its role in Breath of the Wild, the sensor plays a pivotal part in guiding players to the game’s shrines.

This tool is particularly useful when trying to locate the hidden shrines scattered across the game’s map, making it a must-have for any completionist adventurer. Here’s how you can unlock the Shrine Sensor in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Shrine Sensor In Tears Of The Kingdom

The journey to acquiring the Shrine Sensor begins with completing the “Camera Work in The Depths” quest for two characters, Josha and Robbie. This duo, known for their expertise in ancient technology, is instrumental in your quest to unlock the Shrine Sensor. They are located in Lookout Landing, and you’ve likely bumped into them already.

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Following the completion of the “Camera Work in The Depths” quest, the next task is to undertake the “Mystery of The Depths” quest. This adventure will take you to the Great Abandoned Central Mine in The Depths, an eerie yet fascinating place filled with the echoes of the past, and maybe some familiar faces.

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Upon successful completion of the “Mystery of The Depths” quest, you will need to return to Robbie. You’ll find him in the same place as before. He will want to return to his lab in Hateno Village, where he wants to tirelessly working on his research into ancient technologies.

Upon speaking to him in Lookout Landing once more, he will in fact go back to the Lab. To progress further, a visit to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is necessary.

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Once at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, seek out Robbie for a conversation. In recognition of your efforts and success in completing the quests, Robbie will add the much-anticipated Shrine Sensor to the Purah Pad.

With the Shrine Sensor in your possession, locating shrines in the vast world of Tears of the Kingdom becomes a breeze. This tool will become an integral part of your adventure, easing your exploration and making your journey in Tears of the Kingdom a truly unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, the process of acquiring the Shrine Sensor in “Tears of the Kingdom” involves embarking on a series of quests, highlighting the game’s emphasis on exploration and problem-solving. By completing these quests and interacting with the game’s unique characters, players not only gain access to valuable tools like the Shrine Sensor but also enjoy a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

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