How To Get More Battery TotK

how to get more battery totk

In the adventurous and thrilling world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of the primary concerns for players is maintaining and enhancing their in-game resources.

The game introduces a novel feature called the “battery” that must be managed and upgraded throughout the player’s journey to power those all-important Zonai devices.

This article will guide you on how to expand your battery capacity in Tears of the Kingdom so you can use the devices for longer, and hopefully make your exploration that bit easier.

How To Get More Battery Tears Of The Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, the battery is a crucial resource that powers various tools and your fused creations. However, its capacity can be quite limited, which can hinder your progress and exploration. To overcome this limitation, you need to upgrade their batteries by using Crystallized Charges.

Crystallized Charges are specific in-game items that can be found throughout Hyrule, in chests, dropped by enemies, or rewarded from mini-quests.

You’ll need 100 of these Crystallized Charges to upgrade one battery cell, extending your battery life and allowing you to use your tools and abilities more frequently.

To fully maximize your battery to the 8 charge maximum, you’ll need to accumulate a whopping 2,100 Crystallized Charges. It might seem like a hefty task, but remember that your journey in Hyrule is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistent exploration and battle will slowly but surely get you there.

Once you’ve collected the necessary amount of Crystallized Charges, the next step is to find a Crystal Refinery.

These refineries are scattered across Hyrule, but the most accessible ones can be found just outside Lookout Landing on a fallen rock, or next to the Nachoyah Shrine on the Great Sky Island.

At the Crystal Refinery, you’ll find a Construct – a Zonai NPC who manages the refineries. Speak to the Construct and choose to upgrade your battery.

Remember, every upgrade will consume 100 Crystallized Charges, so make sure you’ve accumulated enough before you approach the Construct.

crystal refinery crystallized charges totk

In conclusion, increasing your battery capacity in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a crucial aspect of ensuring your success and progress in the game.

By collecting Crystallized Charges and upgrading at a Crystal Refinery, you can enhance your ability to explore and conquer the challenges that the game throws at you. Happy adventuring in Hyrule!

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