How To Get Lightscale Trident TotK

lightscale trident totk

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have the opportunity to obtain a range of weapons, each with its unique abilities and characteristics.

Among these is the formidable Lightscale Trident, a Zora-themed weapon that ranks among the best available in the game.

This article explains the step-by-step process of acquiring the Lightscale Trident in the vast realm of Hyrule so you can wield the Zora power for yourself.

How To Get Lightscale Trident Tears Of The Kingdom

The Lightscale Trident is a weapon that exemplifies the glory of the Zora, possessing not only stunning aesthetics but also superior combat effectiveness.

To obtain this coveted weapon, players must first embark on a questline that begins after the completion of the Water Temple, one of the game’s primary dungeons.

Once the Water Temple has been conquered, players should head to Zora’s Domain, home to the aquatic Zora race. Here, they will find Dento, the skilled Zora blacksmith who plays a crucial role in the acquisition of the Lightscale Trident.

Dento will provide players with the side quest, “Glory of the Zora,” which lays the groundwork for crafting the Lightscale Trident.

glory of the zora totk

To complete the “Glory of the Zora” quest, players must gather a specific set of materials. The required items are 3 diamonds, 5 pieces of flint, and a Zora Spear.

Diamonds and flint can be found throughout the game world, in various rock formations, chests, or as rewards for other quests. The Zora Spear, meanwhile, can be easily be obtained from a chest west of Ralis Pond. See the image below for the precise location.

zora spear location totk

Once players have collected these materials, they can return to Dento, who will use his exceptional blacksmithing skills to craft the Lightscale Trident. Players are then free to wield this potent weapon, adding a new level of power and style to their arsenal.

how to get lightscale trident tears of the kingdom

In summary, obtaining the Lightscale Trident in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom involves a journey through the Water Temple, a quest from the Zora blacksmith Dento, and the gathering of specific crafting materials.

The reward is one of the most powerful and visually impressive weapons in the game, well worth the effort for any hero of Hyrule.

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